Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's My Life

I am beyond determined to start taking more pictures. I have been slacking so bad lately. 
And by that, I mean taking pictures of things other than Sammy. haha

Last weekend, Ryan had a band performance at a local coffee shop. 
Perfect opportunity to act like the fan girl. ;)

Classic Sammy pose on a week night.
Such a drama queen.
Though my Dad corrected me and said "drama king" when I texted that to him.

So The Lion King was on last weekend, and of course, I recorded it. 
And I kid you not, Sammy watched most of it.

He totally wishes he was a lion.

This is how you occupy yourself in Organic 2 Lab. 
Finding amusement in the tiny hot plates. 

This coaster at Houlihan's seriously made me laugh out loud. 
I then proceeded to text it to Ryan. 

My horrible week went pretty well, and Thursday ended on a really great note. 
My Molecular Biology lab ended, and our teacher threw us a pizza party - which was really sweet of her. Definitely a bittersweet ending. I'm happy to be getting home much earlier two nights a week so I'm only getting home late one night a week now, but I enjoyed the lab a lot.
What made the day better though, was that I got an A in the class! :)
It was also gorgeous out, it got to 70, double bonus!

But then, it proceeded to snow like crazy on Friday. However, the sun came out later and none of it stuck. haha
Welcome to the Midwest.

Another good part to my class ending, is that I can start meal planning again

Our weekend was pretty uneventful for the most part. Friday night we spent at home. Saturday though we made a pit stop at Starbucks before we went antiquing. 
I got a Tall Mocha Light Frap (how I've missed those!) and a slice of pumpkin bread to split with Ryan. Also equally missed those. haha

And I even got a couple goods! 
Not really antiques though, but getting them at a fraction of a cost is always a win, right?

Saturday ended up on a good note by a win for KU against Texas. ;)

I have another test tomorrow, a case study due on Tuesday for my Hematology/Virology class, and then my second Organic 2 test is next Friday.
Is it Spring Break yet?


  1. Girl I totally understand the lack of pictures. That's the reason I started my weekly snapshot link up! And it has kept me right in line with taking pictures....well except this last week, haha. I was awful! Looks like a fun week!! Counting down to spring break for you! Happy Sunday!!

  2. Good luck on your test! I feel like I take too many pictures especially when we're out with friends. I told my H that I feel like I miss out on a lot of moments because I'm always reaching for the camera. Maybe you and I can find the perfect balance? ;0)


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