Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a Lovely Pinteresting Wednesday

Took some time off, but I'm ready to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday and with Michelle for Pinteresting Wednesday again!

I'm loving that graduation is THIS weekend!
Cinco de Mayo! :)
SO excited to finally be done with undergrad! For those who don't know, my major is Biology with an emphasis in Biomedical/Cellular/Molecular.

I'm loving flip flops.
Seriously can not get enough of them now that the weather is warm!
And I don't have a plain pair at all, I've been buying the cuter ones that have some sort of embellishment on them.

I'm loving Starbucks Caramel Frappacino's.
I go in phases with Starbucks where I don't go there at all, and then when I do, I go there often. My last break from it lasted almost a couple years (with the exception of a few trips, but there wasn't a need on my part to go, it was always with someone else).
And it has definitely hit full swing. I'm only allowing myself to go once a week though, for calories and cost sake. ;)

I'm loving my new necklace from Light Metals!
I just love the medallion and the little bead attached.

Now on to some Pinterest loving! If you want to follow me, you can do so here.

I love everything about this outfit.
I'm just itching to buy some shorts, but I am determined to lose this weight first!

What I would give to have a sunroom!

This makes me laugh every time I see it!
When I saw the movie with this scene, I immediately thought of this and couldn't help the giggle that came out.

Stuffed Chicken.
I made this for the first time a few weeks ago and it was an instant love.
SO good!

Ah, feels good to be back. :)
What are you loving this week?


  1. YAY!!! enjoy graduation!! congrats!!
    can't wait to see your party recap!! it's going to be great!!!

  2. that stuffed chix looks amazing


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